So you've decided to submit a guestlist! 

"Guestlists are no longer accepted for silent disco events" 

Here's some details to help you get your group into Scary,


1. Your attitude is key.  Make sure it's the right fit to open the door to Scary.


2.  Make sure you've set your list to arrive at 10:30pm or earlier on weekends.  Ensure everyone arrives comfortably before 10:30pm though to avoid heartbreak.


3. You will receive an automated email when you submit your guestlilst, make sure you put both first and last names down for your guests.  This will have a link which will allow you to add more names to your list.


4. Don't you or any member of your group think about rocking up drunk to Scary.

5. Get ready for the night of your life. 



  - A maximum of 10 people for a guestlist